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Blackhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. initiated its journey from 28th of December, 2016.It is a service based and product based company. The primary goal has been to make Bihar a hub of software and IT services in North India. Since then, the company has progressed significantly, and now it is one of the most prominent choices globally, when it comes to finding answers to tech queries. It is basically a digital house of innovative and extensive IT solutions. Moreover, it is ISO 9001:2018 certified, since it meets all the requirements of Quality Management System (QMS). We develop, create, and enhance your online forum to stand out from the herd.

about blackhat technologies
about blackhattechnologies


Either you desire to create your online presence from scratch, or enhance and secure the existing one, we tend to come up with effective solutions to make it stand apart. We render services such as, software and website development, industrial training and various other IT solutions all across Bihar.

We have served as Human Resource for several entrepreneurs and start-ups. Moreover, we have offered consultancy and resources to students, who opted to step in the online corporate world. We also provide skill training programs to students, who aspire to develop and learn more about technology.


Blackhat Technologies provides you the best digital solutions. If you want to be focused on your work and clients then forget the formal work. we will help you to connect to digital life. we have created a lot of highly productive and secure website, Apps.

Blackhat Technologies renders customised software solutions, web services along with creative designs and templates, and novel ideation for mobile applications to enable you access the online world and get in touch with your audience.

About Blackhat Technologies Patna

Blackhat also delivers effective cyber security answers, and groundbreaking IT solutions to make your virtual presence safer.

About Blackhat Technologies Patna

The folks at Blackhat offer innovative business strategies to assist you plan out the structure of your business to reach out vaster audience.

About Blackhat Technologies Patna

We Care About Your Business

We agree that we have a good and transparent relationship with our eminent customers , partners, employees and people outside or whatever matters to us or to our company.That central principle sets us at an edge in all our corporate relationships.

About Blackhat Technologies Patna
About Blackhat Technologies Patna

Care about you and your business

Consumers and customers are our first concern. We are actively looking for innovations that drive the success of our client. We are always working to make your company work.

About Blackhat Technologies Patna

Passionate about the products/services and quality of support

For every project we do, we 're continuously improving. We have always set high expectations and then strive hard to meet them.

About Blackhat Technologies Patna

Perfect Timing

Always looking to improve every aspect of your business We are always on the lookout for new effective solutions and possibilities. We complete every project on time.because we know value of time and deadline

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About Blackhat Technologies Patna
About Blackhat Technologies Patna