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Blackhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Provide You (HR Management System)Human Resource Management System organizations of every size to execute benefits administration, payroll, talent management, time and labor management,time and attendance and other core processes.your data is in one place, reporting is a too easy & automated, employee self service saves you time. it can send payments via lot of method like, debit card, or check, so you don’t have to go to the bank to send out salaries or other type of payments.This software itself is designed to make your work stress free and easy with any program you currently have in place.

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Core Feature Of Hr Management System

blackhat technologies
blackhat technologies


Here you simplify centralizing all your employee data,no matter where you're located from everywhere.Having everything in a single, searching place just makes life easy


Here you can track the time utilization, pay rules overtime for work and employees’ work efficiency through our flexible time.Export Attendance & time table sheet data.


Here add a hiring team, interview scorecard, application forms and workflows for every job


Here You can define automation rules for every job in a granular ‘event, condition, action’ manner.


Here Add/Manage multiple types of leave across your organization.All requested leaves can be run by the manager for approval.


You can Email candidates, submit Interview feedback, observe the complete course of your hiring process from the comfort of anywhere.


Here user can manage all type of debit and credit payments and also manage employee salary A/c payroll.


Here user can find all type of reports like attendance,salary,project,leave,employees performance,customers feedback



  • No Branding
  • Sub Domain
  • Core Modules
  • Support Response 2-3 Days
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Weekly Backup


  • Branding
  • Domain
  • Core Modules
  • Support Response 1-2 Days
  • Advanced Reports
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Daily Backup


  • Branding
  • Domain & Website
  • Core Modules
  • Support Response Same
  • Advanced Reports
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Daily Backup

* All Plan Are Available on Monthly Rental.
* Any Selected Plans Are Available On Per User Based Payment.

Managing Become Easier

Managing a HRMS has Always been Challenging But Our Softwares Made it Very Easy .

An Easy and affordable cloud based HR management system with lots of beautiful features to make your day even more better & easier.

Hr Management System In Patna


You can also add Payment Gateway, SMS Integration & Customize your software by selecting any plan.this is available with any selected plan.

SMS Integration

For Sending SMS

* Extra Fee Can be Applied which is depend on development time and work complexity

Payment Gateway

For Making Online Payment

* Extra Fee Can be Applied which is depend on development time and work complexity

More Customization

For Customized Software

* Extra Fee Can be Applied which is depend on development time and work complexity

Support Available

blackhat technologies

24X7 Support

We Provide 24x7 access to online technical support with high success rate and customer satisfaction Levels.

blackhat technologies

Cloud Based App.

It functions within the cloud, acting similarly to a web-based app, but also like a native desktop application.

blackhat technologies

Daily Backup

We Provide Daily Backup System which is use to restore your data in data loss situation.

Software Application Available On

blackhat technologies

Web Based Apps.

This software is available on website based application so your can use app from any where on your browser.

blackhat technologies

Software Apps.

This Application is available on Software so your can use app on your desktop.our software is user friendly.

blackhat technologies

Android Apps.

This Application is available on android mobile.user do is task on his mobile phone by very simple steps


Can anyone use the Software Application?

Yes, Anyone can use or work on our software but that user must know basic of computer. Blackhat Technologies designed management system very easy to work and use friendly. Here all steps are made with tooltip which is help to user how to follow steps.

Is SMS Gateway Integration available ?

Yes,we can integrate SMS Gateway for you.

Is Payment Gateway Integration available ?

Yes,we can integrate Payment Gateway for you.

What is plan for this ?

We have 5-6 type of plan available for our clients. which have been made keeping in mind the need of the client. Like starter,standard,pro,monthly rental based plan,per user based payment. More Details Contact Blackhat Technologies

What is Price of this Software ?

Price is depend on what type of plan you want. for Pricing contact us. Mobile No: 8540008182

Do You Provide Training?

Yes, we provide training to user can be fulfilled on your place/office or remotely. In addition, custom training is available as needed. Finally, periodic online training sessions are provided at no additional cost to our customers.

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