Android Development Training In Patna

Android Development Training In Patna

Android Application development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system.Applications are usually developed in Java(and/or Kotlin or other such option)programming language using the Android software development kit(SDK),but other development environments are also available,some such as Java support exactly the same Android APIs(and byte code),while others such as Go have restricted API access.All Java 7 language features are supported,and some Java 8 language features(and additionally some Java 9 code has been backported to work).

We’ve been listed as one of the top ten Android training institutes in Patna,with a training program for beginners,intermediates and experts.Whether you’re a college student,an IT specialist or a project manager,Patna’s best Android training center provides the best training environment,seasoned Android coaches,and versatile training plans for whole modules.Also,the best training institute for Android training in Patna is asking students to pay a fee for tuition.Pocket-friendly Android course fee structure can be endured by students from all facets of life.Android Training Patna conducts a thorough study of Android theory,opts for industry-leading lab research initiatives,and professional trainers’ self-developed lab skills improvement programs.The lab’s functional Android classes in Patna integrate the dynamics of a professional trainer’s real-industry job,which students are expected to overcome using their experienced skills.This method of lab experience increases students’ self-confidence on technical topics and lets them learn a variety of out-of-the-book strategies.Our lab practice sessions require applicants to become potential candidates during Android interviews.We offer information,skills and detailed hands-on Substitute Match Case Match with Daily Expressions Support any Android student registered at the Android Institute in Patna with detailed hands-on expertise.Participants who have a simple experience with computers and want to play an significant role in the Android industry will look for an Android institute near me using their smartphone.this course will cover Android design,application configuration,user interface,tools,Web API,etc

We have summer winter industrial training programs on Android Device App Development,where you can learn how to build Android applications using Java,XML,and other new app development tools.Android App Production is a perfect area to make your career a possibility today.This area will offer you a range of career opportunities to earn money.Android Operating System is supposed to be famous these days.All needs a smartphone with Android.Android phone demand is strong all the time,and Android developers need a large amount of Android professionals to satisfy the industry’s demand.And this could be the right career opportunity for you.In our summer winter industrial Android training program,we cover almost every part of the app.Technology that will certainly help you create successful smartphone applications in the future.Our training curriculum is completely focused on specialized android device creation techniques and tactics,and we will provide you with instruction only on live projects to make you realistic.You will scroll down to test the modules we discuss in this training plan.Summer Winter Industrial Training in Patna is considered to be one of the best Android summer internships in patna as it encourages students with an inexpensive course fee,a placement option and a world-class Android Summer Winter Industrial Training for learners.

Summer Winter Industrial Training in Patna(Powered By Blackhat Technologies)is considered to be one of the best Android summer internships in Patna for encouraging students with an inexpensive course fee,a placement option and a world-class Android summer training for participants.

Module 1
  • Introduction To Android
  • Introduction To Android Studio
  • History of Android
  • Android Versions
  • Android Studio Installation
  • Install JDK
  • Install Android Studio(Windows)
  • Android Studio Tour
  • Android Emulator
  • AVD in Android Studio
  • Hardware Device
  • Hello World Tutorial
  • Creating my first APP
Module 2
  • Android Basic Blocks
  • Basic UI Elements
  • Strings.xml&message localization
  • Resources and Asset Files
  • Gradle Dependencies
  • Android Broadcast Intent and Broadcast Receiver
  • Debugging
  • Working with my App
  • Persisting Application State
  • Debug Logcat Errors
Module 3
  • Introduction
  • Recyclerview,Adapter&ViewHolder
  • Fragments
  • Material Design Elements
  • Navigation
  • Testing with Espresso
  • Working with my App
  • Adding Views Dynamically
  • Building Layouts for screen configuration changes
  • Working with Custom Styles&Themes
Module 4
  • Android Hierarchical Navigation
  • Webview
  • Custom Views
  • Permission system
  • AsyncTask,Threading and Handlers
  • Using AsyncTask vs.Java Threads(with Handlers)
  • Loaders
  • AsyncTaskLoader&CursorLoader
  • Background Services
  • Android Scheduling task
  • Working with my App
Module 5
  • Access Files in Assets
  • Access Resources
  • Save Data and Files
  • SQLite Databases
  • Content Providers
  • Loaders
  • Background Services
Module 6
  • Widgets
  • Notifications
  • Getting Ready for Deployment
  • Publish on Play Store

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