research blackhat technologies

Skills We Are Working

Following are Programming Based topics we are working on now


Working on PHP,Wordpress,Codeigniter, Laravel and more.


Working on Swing,JavaFx, Servlet-JSP,Primefaces, JAX-RS API and more


Working on Core Python,Tkinter,Django, TensorFlow and more


We are working on Android/iOS platform for Mobile based Application development.


Node.js runs single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronously programming, memory efficient.


ReactJS is front end, user interfaces or UI components with Uses virtual DOM

Following are AI Based topics we are working on now

Facial Recognition

Working on Facial Recognition Attendence System using python and more.

Voice Command

Voice Command project is build using python,java this is now working on system

Chat Bot

This a Web based app. where bot can fast answer visitors from your given answer list.

research blackhat technologies